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Originally conceived as a summer training tool for the cross-country skiing elite sport, roller skis have now reached hobby athletes who want practising not only cross-country skiing in winter.

"Like skiing on snow" - roller skis can convey this ski-like feeling depending on the construction type.

Marwe roller skis are used on the road.

Marwe Rolling

Classic, Skating Style Or Both?

As in the cross-country skiing is also distinguished in the rolling skiing between classic and skating style. Each technique requires its own material. But with universal/combi roller skis, you can also practise both styles with some compromises.

Skating roller skis are shorter and equipped with larger wheels for ambitious athletes than classic roller skis. In addition, the roller skis have built-in reverse locks for the classic technique, which ensure the necessary push-off.

Roller Ski Choice

For classic style skiing the only question is whether or how much money you want to spend for ski feel. The wheel size and width are standard for all Marwe classic roller skis. The cheaper roller skis are equipped with aluminum frames. They are lighter, but give less skiing experience. The XC models have a flexible composite wood shaft precisely this is a modified cross-country ski frame for enabling a perfect ski feel. The further development will result in the FX-Pro models in 2024 with a completely newly developed frame in 3 configurable stiffness / flex classes.

For the skating roller skis the same criteria apply with respect to the ski feel and frame like on classic models. Unlike in classic models there are skating roller skis with various wheel sizes. Beginners should choose roller skis with smaller and wider wheels for a better balance ( Marwe 590A, Marwe 590XC, Swenor Skate Touring ). Do you already have made ​​successful attempts with inline skates or practise cross-country skiing in skating style, you should choose models with larger wheels as on Marwe 610A or Marwe 620FX ). These provide better smoothness and glide phases. For taller runners with appropriate shoe sizes, models with a longer wheelbase may be an option (Marwe 730FX or Marwe 730A), as these can provide a better balance point.

Bindings, Boots, Poles

All Marwe roller skis are equiped with bindings and boots from cross-country skiing. So you can use your SNS- or NNN-boots.

If you already own cross-country ski poles, you can use them for roller skiing. But you have to replace pole tips into special roller ski tips that are designed for hard asphalt.

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