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Marwe Wheel-Index

All Marwe wheels are available in various wheel mixtures. You can choose yourself and at any time with a wheel replacement your optimum speed range and training effect. So if you would like more rolling resistance, or a faster ride, we have all options for you.

For skating and classic style roller skis the wheel-index 6 is the standard variant and corresponds to Swenor 2 index. We recommend wheel-index 7 for Marwe 610A and 620XC, for classic roller skis 6/7 combination. So you have a good training result and yet joy on roller skiing.

If you want to know the deeper meaning behind the index numbers R, 0, 6, 7, 8 - its a Marwe secret . We have taken over the numbers, so there is no confusion, if you are already a lucky MARWEianer. The wheel-index is marked on each wheel in the form of a 3-digit letter-number combination. The first digit is always a 6 (rubber) or U (Urethane) and stands for the wheel material; second digit a C (classic wheel) or S (skating wheel) and the last digit is the wheel-index for the speed. So for example US7 is a slow wheel made of Urethane for a skating roller ski.

UPDATE for 80 mm wheels:

In 2020, Marwe developed a uniform wheel profile for the 80 mm wheels. All these wheels can now be used universally for skating and classic technique (for classic additionally configured with reverse locks in front wheels).

The new 80 mm wheels also have a 3-digit mark and can be recognized by the changed first two identifiers at the beginning. These are SC (Skating/Classic). The last 3rd digit is the unchanged speed range. So for example, SC7 features a slow 80 mm wheel for skating and classic style.

Marwe Wheel Index

As a reference point for the speed compared to cross-country skiing we have put together the rolling speeds available in the following table (* responds to marks before 2020):



USR or SCR *(6SR or 6CR)

speed/racing wheel

US0 or SC0 *(6S0 or 6C0)

low rolling resistance, icy snow

US6 or SC6 *(6S6 or 6C6)

regular rolling resistance, fresh snow

US7 or SC7 *(6S7 or 6C7)

high rolling resistance, wet snow

US8 or SC8 *(6S8 or 6C8)

slowest wheel for power training

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