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800XC is the top model of Marwe classic roller skis - the composite frame dampens vibrations for a perfect ski-like feeling. Support wheel in front simulates a cross-country ski tip for better steering properties and extends wheelbase to 800 mm. Front wheels come with reverse locks for classical style kick.

The skis support wheels simulate a cross country ski tip, providing better steering properties and extends the skis total wheelbase from 590 mm to 800 mm

As on other Marwe roller skis with composite frames, the 800XC also has two different shaft hardnesses. The medium version is suitable for skiiers up to 85kg. Heavier athlets up to 120kg should choose the harder stiff variant.

  • Frame: XC-Snowfeel Nanocarbon Aircell Core (Flex medium/stiff)

  • Wheelbase: 800 mm/590 mm (with/without support strut wheels)

  • Clearance: 29 mm

  • Weight: 2,2 kg/1,9 kg per pair (with/without support strut wheels)

  • Type of wheel: Classic-wheel in front with reverse lock, free rotating back wheel

  • Wheel material: Rubber 80 mm x 40 mm (diameter x width)




speed/racing wheel


low rolling resistance, icy snow


regular rolling resistance, fresh snow


high rolling resistance, wet snow


slowest wheel for power training

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  • Mounting

    We will be pleased to install bindings on the roller skis free of charge. We only need your shoe size you can submit at the binding product page.

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