MARWE Classic wheel set

MARWE wheels are known for their durability and snowlike speeds. The classic wheel set provides best grip also in wet conditions.
Because the wheels decrease in diameter during their term, we recommend to change all 4 wheels.
The set includes 2 wheels with mounted bearings, axles and - depending on equipment also with ratchets.
For a complete set (4 wheels) you have to order 2 sets.

The MARWE classic roller skis are factory-equipped with reverse locks in front wheels. For this configuration you choose 1 set with reverse locks and 1 set without them for a complete set of wheels.
Choose your desired wheel speed (roller index RI) and equipment with or without reverse locks in the configuration.

The wheel set fits on all MARWE classic roller skis.
More informations about MARWE wheels you find here .

match on all MARWE classic roller skis
Wheel material: Rubber
Wheel diameter: 80mm
Wheel width unrounded: 40mm
R (6CR) speed/racing wheel
0 (6C0) low rolling resistance, icy snow
6 (6C6) regular rolling resistance, fresh snow
7 (6C7) high rolling resistance, wet snow
6/7 (6C6/6C7) front wheel RI6, rear wheel RI7
our recommendation
8 (6C8) slowest wheel for power training

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