KV+ TORNADO roller ski poles

The KV+ TORNADO clip rollerski poles consists of 100% carbon and is with 56g/m an absolute lightweight.
The outstanding stiffness and break resistance make the TORNADO to your safe companion, whether for roller skiing or cross-country skiing.
The new Power grip of synthetic cork optimizes power transmission compared to standard poles and is equipped with the adjustable clip-loop system of KV+. Quick and easy on and off clipen is thus made possible.
We supply a pair incl. rollerski pole tips. The Stock is convertible with winter discs for cross-country skiing.
We recommend the QUICK-CHANGE complete set from KV+ for an uncomplicated change between the roller and cross-country skiing season.

100% Carbon, 56 g/m
POWER-Clip cork handle
ELITE-Clip strap
8,5mm WIDIA rollerski tip

Skating (roller skiing/cross-country): body height (in cm) x 0,9 = pole size (in cm)
Classic (roller skiing/cross-country): body height (in cm) x 0,85 = pole size (in cm)

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