KV+ Quick Change Set Disc+Tip

With KV+ QUICK-CHANGE set, the renewing roller-ski tips or the change to winter discs for skiing becomes easy as never before.
The one-time assembly is also very simple in 2 steps:
Before inserting the base unit, slide the coupling nut onto the pole.
Then insert the base unit with hot glue supplied - the groove of the base must point forward.
Thats all! Then simply screw in the QUICK-CHANGE roller ski tips or QUICK-CHANGE winter discs which are included in the set.

The 8,5mm set can be used on the KV + TORNADO poles or on poles of other manufacturers with pool diameter at pole end of 8,5mm. For poles with 10mm ends as eg. ROLL, TEMPESTA, ADVANCE and CAMPRA choose the 10mm set.
The tips and discs are the same for both sets - only the inserts have different dimensions.


39,00 EUR

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