MARWE 800XC Classic Roller Ski

800XC is the new top model of MARWE classic roller skis.

Like Skiing On Snow!

Composite frame dampens vibrations for a perfect ski-like feeling. Support wheel in front simulates a ski tip providing better steering properties. In front wheel is located a reverse lock bearing, which enables classical style kick.

The 800XC is also available as a combination rollerski for skating and classic at the same price. The combi model comes with rounded skating wheels from the 590 models in wheel speed 6S6 (RI 6) - the front wheels are also equipped with reverse locks. Simply leave us a message for the universal 800XC during checkout process.

In the standard version, we supply the 800XC for skiers up to 80kg. Heavy-weight skiers up to 110kg should choose the stiff version with a harder frame (just note during order process).

We will be pleased to supply the MARWE 800XC roller ski also with mounted SNS or NNN binding . Just put your desired binding into the shopping cart and give us during checkout process a message and your EU shoesize.
Mounting is free of charge.

Benefit from the bundle! Just select desired set-price option and add the corresponding items (binding, boots, poles) to the shopping cart.
You can find more informations about the rollerski sets here .

Frame: XC-Snowfeel Nanocarbon Aircell Core
Wheel base: 800/590mm
Ground clearance: 29mm
Weight: 2,2kg/1,9kg pair
Wheel material: Rubber
Wheel diameter: 80mm
Wheel width: 40mm
R (6CR) speed/racing wheel
0 (6C0) low rolling resistance, icy snow
6 (6C6) regular rolling resistance, fresh snow
7 (6C7) high rolling resistance, wet snow
6/7 (6C6/6C7) front wheel RI6, rear wheel RI7
our recommendation
8 (6C8) slowest wheel for power training

Simply put your desired SNS or NNN binding into the shopping cart - the assembly is free of charge.
We only need your EU shoesize, which you can submit to us during checkout process.

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