All MARWE wheels are available in various wheel mixtures. You can choose yourself and at any time with a wheel replacement your optimum speed range and training effect.
So if you would like more rolling resistance, or a faster ride, we have all options for you.

For the 620XC we recommend roller-index 6, for classic roller skis 6/7 combination. So you have a good training result and yet joy on roller skiing.

If you want to know the deeper meaning behind the index numbers R, 0, 6, 7, 8 - its a MARWE secret . We have taken over the numbers, so there is no confusion, if you are already a lucky MARWEianer. The roller-index is marked on each wheel in the form of a 3-digit letter-number combination. The first digit is always a 6 (rubber) or U (Urethane) and stands for the wheel material; second digit a C (classic wheel) or S (skating wheel) and the last digit is the roller-index. So for example 6CR is a competition-rubber wheel for a classic roller ski.

As a reference point for the speed compared to cross-country skiing we have put together the rolling speeds available in the following table:

R speed/racing wheel
0 low rolling resistance, icy snow
6 regular rolling resistance, fresh snow
7 high rolling resistance, wet snow
8 slowest wheel for power training
MARWE Roller Ski