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  • More about wheel-index RI and speed here

  • Scope of delivery for one set: 2 wheels

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Marwe wheels are known for their awesome durability, but even so, they will wear out if you use them enough.

Because the wheels decrease in diameter during their term, we recommend to change all 4 wheels.

The set includes 2 wheels including mounted bearings and axle sleeves. For a complete set (4 wheels) you have to order 2 sets.

We offer the wheel set also with reverse locks for combination use (skating and classic). Usually only the front or the rear wheels are equipped with reverse locks in combination mode. For pure skating, all wheels are free rotating.

Choose your desired wheel speed (wheel-index RI) and the type of wheel in the configuration.

  • Type of wheel Marwe Skating 590A / 590XC: Skating wheel free rotating

  • Type of wheel Marwe Combi 590A / 800XC: Skating wheel with reverse lock in front, back wheel free rotating

  • Wheel material: Rubber 80 mm x 40 mm (diameter x width)

  • Available in 3 speeds (wheel-index RI)




low rolling resistance, icy snow


regular rolling resistance, fresh snow


high rolling resistance, wet snow

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